Our Story

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A Family tradition... 

Antonella, co-founder, has been eating choripans since she was a little kid.  Anto’s parents would often invite neighbors and friends for a traditional Argentinean cookout.  Antonella loved watching her dad grill, keeping an eye on the meats, and lighting the fire for him.  After living in New York City for over a decade, she decided it was time to put this amazing sandwich on the map, and "The Choripan" was born.  In 2015 during one of her visits to Argentina, she went to a small village where her cousin owns a traditional butcher shop and learned how to make sausages.  Back in New York,  she bought a small sausage stuffer and started making sausages with her partner in crime, Amanda.  In early 2016 they showcased The Choripan to Smorgasburg and were accepted!